Negotiation Planning Part 2

Approximate time to complete: about 3 – 3.5 hours. 

Learning objectives:

After completing this lesson you will be able to:

  • Analyze your library’s position within negotiations
  • Appraise the level of price sensitivity your institution has for a particular resource
  • Prepare analysis of a journal package

Table of Contents:


Review the following video content in order, since the content builds. Videos are provided through YouTube. The notes in the PowerPoint slides correspond with the transcript of the videos. 

Resources listed in video:

Check Your Understanding Quiz

Take this short quiz to check your understanding of ideas presented in the videos. Feel free to go back and review the videos as needed.

REVIEW: Application within Academic Libraries

DO: Analyze a Journal Package Exercise

This exercise is also found in the Foundations Workbook (docx download, PDF download). You can do this exercise in Excel or Google Sheets.

DO: Prepare Cap & Mikey Case Study

Remember, the best way to get better at negotiating is to practice it often!

Practicing negotiations is useful for trying different strategies and improving feelings of self-efficacy which results in better outcomes in future negotiations. Pair up with someone to practice this negotiation. If you are a self-learner and need help finding someone to practice negotiating with, we suggest you join our Discord community. We have created a channel: practice-partners where you can place a “personal ad” to find someone to practice this negotiation with. Another option is to ask one of your work colleagues to practice with you.

Practice partners decide which side of the case they are each preparing: either the library side or the vendor side of this case study. Only review the materials relevant to which side you decide to negotiate. Part of the work of negotiations is to uncover the missing information the other side has. This activity should not take longer than 1 hour to prepare. Use only the information provided in the case study. 

You should not need more than 30 minutes to negotiate unless you wish to spend longer debriefing afterwards.

After you complete your negotiation be sure to journal about the experience. 

  • Opening Offer and Counteroffer
  • What is your BATNA? Is your BATNA strong or weak? Explain why.
  • What concessions did you offer and when? How did the other party react to potential concessions offered by you?
  • What concessions did the other party make and when? How did you react to offered concessions?
  • Did you come to an agreement? If so, what was the agreement? If not, what were the sticking points?
  • What went well? 
  • What would you do differently? 
  • Did anything happen that surprised you? 
  • How did you feel about the experience?

Group Activities & Discussion

If the curriculum is being completed by a group these activities can help the group learn together. (docx download) (pdf download)

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