ONEAL Project

What is the ONEAL Project?

The Open Negotiation Education for Academic Libraries (ONEAL) project is a collaboration between Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis, Grand Valley State University, and Belmont University to develop curricula and open educational resources to support negotiation education for academic libraries and Master of Library Science (MLS/MLIS) programs. These resources introduce negotiation theory and practical strategy in the context of negotiating for vendor agreements within academic libraries.

ONEAL is generously funded through the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

What will be included in the curriculum?

Each lesson will include original video lectures, knowledge quizzes, hands-on learning activities, and links to curated resources that provide additional context and application in libraries. The curriculum also includes case studies to practice negotiation skills, and synchronous group activities to facilitate group learning.

How can this curriculum be used?

Individual Learning

Individuals can work at their own pace through the curriculum. We highly encourage identifying a colleague that you work with or through the ONEAL Community Discord so that you have a partner for practicing negotiations.

Group Learning

As part of the curriculum, we developed synchronous group learning activities and discussion points to help facilitate group learning in the classroom or during group professional development. We offer specific suggestions to facilitate conversation when debriefing case study negotiations within teaching notes.

In Libraries

Library organizations can use this curriculum to learn together. Negotiation skills can be used beyond purchasing collection resources, as it can help both the professional and personal life of all library employees. The lesson plans are a suggested curriculum for those learning to negotiate with the context of working with resource vendors. However, there is content in some lessons that are much more broadly applicable. You can pick and choose what you think is important for different people in your group to learn. 

In MLS/MLIS Curriculum

The lessons developed in this curriculum can be integrated into your collections-based course. Many hands-on activities ask people to consider their own institution’s context, which by nature is not possible for many students, so we offer existing examples that students can use when working through the activities. 

Considering the nature of integrating an open curriculum to a course management system, all lesson plans are also available in .docx format that you can easily modify and copy and paste within Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, etc. Download the lesson plans.

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SPARC has partnered with the ONEAL Project to host its open educational resources developed to teach negotiation skills within the context of academic libraries. The ONEAL project builds on professional development opportunities for negotiation skills organized as part of SPARC’s Negotiation Community of Practice.

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