SPARC is a catalyst for action. Our work focuses on encouraging new norms, practices, and policies for knowledge sharing that address the ways in which racism, colonialism, and other forms of discrimination limit whose voices are heard, whose interests are prioritized, and whose knowledge counts. We are committed to designing equity and inclusion into the foundation of the work that we do and the communities we cultivate, and we advocate for these core values in all of the spaces where SPARC is active.

Drive Policy Change

SPARC advances policies that enable open and equitable systems for research and education. SPARC works closely with decision makers at the local, national, and international levels to align policy and incentive structures to support our vision

Support Member Action 

SPARC’s members are the core of our organization and a powerful force in advancing systems for research and education that are open by default and equitable by design. We provide timely resources, targeted briefings, and in-depth analyses to enhance our community’s ability to take informed action. 

Cultivate Communities

SPARC seeks to cultivate communities that actively support the people doing the work of opening up research and education. SPARC organizes topic-specific communities of practice as well as broader efforts to build networks across SPARC’s program areas.

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