Strategic Priorities Working Group

The Strategic Priorities Working Group provides a unique opportunity for librarians to work collaboratively and cross-institutionally on topics related to priorities set by libraries as they endeavor to invest in open and equitable practices and appropriate staffing. The resources and strategies derived from this work will help facilitate a more equitable and sustainable scholarly communications landscape.

This working group is part of the Negotiation Community of Practice and evolved from an earlier iteration called the “Journal Cancellation Reinvestment Working Group.” Given the changes in the publishing landscape, as well as the budget constraints of many libraries, the group has moved from a framing of “reinvestment” to one of “strategic priorities.” This reframing will help the working group address some of the most salient topics surfaced by the community.

These efforts are part of SPARC’s work in supporting professional development opportunities for libraries and librarians interested in the Negotiation Community of Practice. SPARC’s goals for this community of practice include enabling SPARC members to get involved in sharing data, case studies, and resources that empower libraries.

The Work:

  • Identify opportunities to invest in more equitable and open models
  • Identify staffing priorities across range of institution types
  • Identify strategies for better aligning negotiation outcomes with library interests/values

As part of this work, the Strategic Priorities Working Group has created a repository of existing open investment statements, rubrics, and principles to help the community learn from one another’s experiences and practices. 

If you are interested in contributing to the Strategic Priorities Working Group, email [email protected]

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