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Open Investment Statements and Principles

Open Access

The Strategic Priorities Working Group has created this repository of existing open investment statements, rubrics, and principles to help the community learn from one another’s experiences and practices. 

Please consider adding your own examples via this survey.

Title & Link to Resource Organization Category
Investing in Open: Our Approach Brock University Library Collections
CRKN Licensing Program Principles CRKN Canadian Research Knowledge Network Licensing principles
Sustainable Scholarship East Carolina University Broad OA support
Principles for Advancing Openness through Journal Negotiations Iowa State University University Library Licensing principles
Collections & Open Strategies Policy Iowa State University University Library Collections
Open Values Statement IUPUI University Library Broad OA support
Open Access: Five Principles for Negotiations with Publishers LIBER Licensing principles
MIT Framework for Publisher Contracts MIT Libraries Licensing principles
Negotiating Principles for Information Access Montana State University Library Licensing principles
NERL Preferred Deal Elements NERL Licensing principles
Commitment to Open Principles & Practices ORBIS Cascade Alliance Broad OA support
Advancing the Transition to Open Publishing at Temple University Libraries Temple University University Libraries Background document
Guiding Principles University of Arizona University Libraries Collections
UCOLASC Declaration of Rights and Principles to Transform Scholarly Communication University of California Licensing Principles
UMass Amherst Framework Principles for Provider Agreements University of Massachusetts Amherst Broad OA Support
Towards open access
at the University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota Broad OA Support
ULAC Principles for Publisher Contracts University of North Carolina University Library Advisory Council (ULAC) Broad OA support
Funding Open Access Initiatives at UT Austin University of Texas Austin University Libraries Collections
OA Membership Rubric University of Texas Austin University Libraries Evaluation
Collection Development Guiding Principles University of Washington University Libraries Collections
Criteria for OA Investment Fund – Transformative Agreement Consideration Document provided without attribution Collections
Open Access Investment Fund Evaluation Rubric Document provided without attribution Evaluation


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