List of North American OER Policies & Projects

Open Education

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Canadian OER Policies & Projects


  • Modeling a successful program in British Columbia, Campus Alberta launched an OER Initiative to provide funding for the province’s institutions to support development, use and evaluation of OER.

British Columbia

  • BC’s provicial government provided funding for the Open Textbook Project based at BCCampus to provide access to 40 open textbooks.
  • A new grassroots association of librarians called BCOER is working to develop a set of resources to support librarians in their interactions with faculty related to OER. Their first event was a Hackfest in May 2014.


  • The provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan signed a tri-province MOU outlining terms for collaboration on open textbooks.

United States OER Policies & Projects


  • Maricopa Community Colleges’ Maricopa Millions project seeks to save students $5 million over 5 years through OER.
  • Arizona State University Libraries have developed a LibGuide for OER.
  • The University of Arizona has a website dedicated to OER supported by the Libraries in collaboration with a broad group of entities on campus.


  • State bills passed in 2012 SB1052 and SB1053 to create a library of 50 open textbooks.
  • UCLA Libraries’ Affordable Course Materials Initiative provides support and awards to faculty to identify free and low-cost alternatives including OER.
  • Cal State East Bay Libraries’ Textbook Alternatives program offers faculty stipends for affordable learning materials including OER.
  • Cal State San Marcos’ Cougars Affordable Learning Materials initiative aims to replace costly textbooks with library materials and OER.
  • San Jose State University’s library has developed an extensive collection of subject guides for OER.
  • Cal Poly Pomona’s library created a set of faculty case studies who have implemented affordable alternatives for students including OER.
  • Cal Poly San Louis Obispo’s library has hired a fellow to oversee the campus’s OER program.


  • In 2015 the state legislature passed SHB 6117 to create a statewide open textbook pilot program.
  • The University of Connecticut has an Open Initiative led by the Libraries in collaboration with others on campus.
  • The Fairfield University Library hosted a day-long workshop on OER.

District of Columbia

  • American University’s Open American initiative seeks to raise awareness and explore use of open textbooks and educational resources.


  • Orange Grove Texts Plus program works with Florida Virtual Campus and the University Press of Florida to curate and publish open textbooks.
  • Florida State University Libraries’ Alternative Textbook Grants program provides mini-grants to instructors to support the use of OER and other low-cost course materials.


  • The University System of Georgia’s Affordable Learning Solutions initiative prioritizes OER and is run by the state’s digital library.
  • Emory University Libraries’ Open Education Initiative provides mini-grants to faculty to support the use of OER and other low cost resources.


  • The University of Hawaii at Manoa has an OER Initiative with the library as a leading partner.






  • MIT’s OpenCourseWare project provides openly licensed course materials such as videos, textbooks and lecture notes for more than 2000 courses.
  • UMass Amherst’s Open Education Initiative has saved students over $1 million by working with faculty to replace expensive textbooks with OER and free materials.
  • Bristol Community College’s Open Education Initiative focuses on information literacy.
  • The North Shore Community College Library included promoting OER as part of its 2014-2015 action plan.


  • University of Michigan’s Open.Michigan project enables the university’s faculty to share OER they create, with a particularly large collection of resources medicine.
  • Washentaw Community College’s library has a detailed set of LibGuides with information about finding, assessing and adopting OER.


  • University of Minnesota’s Open Textbook Library provides a searchable catalog of open textbooks with faculty reviews. This project has expanded into the Open Textbook Network, of which many campuses on this list are members.
  • State bill passed in 2013 SF1236 including the expanded use of OER as as a performance goal for the MnSCU system.

New Hampshire

New York

North Dakota

  • State resolutions passed in 2013 HCR3009 and HCR3013 calling for the study and use of open textbooks in North Dakota’s higher education institutions.
  • University of North Dakota OER Initiative.



  • University of Oklahoma Libraries’ Alternative Textbook Initiative offers funding and support to faculty, and has a full-time librarian dedicated to OER.



  • Temple University Libraries’ Alternate Textbook Project provides support and funding to faculty to expand the use of OER and other low-cost resources.
  • Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative offers free online courses in a variety of subjects that include adaptive technology.
  • Penn State University’s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences’ OER initiative.

Rhode Island

  • RI Office of Innovation, in partnership with Rhode Island College and all ten other higher education institutions in RI, launched a statewide Open Textbook Initiative to save students $5 million over five years.




  • The Vermont State Colleges’ Hartness Library maintains an extensive guide to OER.


  • Virginia Community College System’s Technology Strategic Plan offers mini-grants to support adoption of OER (pg. 9).
  • Tidewater Community College “Z-Degree” offers OER in every course for its entire business administration program.
  • Northern Virginia Community College offered 12 mini grants to faculty to support OER adoption.
  • Virginia State University’s School of Business revamped its core curriculum using open textbooks, producing improved student outcomes.
  • Virginia Tech’s Library offer assistance to faculty to locate OER.
  • The College of William and Mary library and student government have partnered on an OER initiative.



  • The University of Wisconsin Madison is crafting a strategy for OER as part of the Unizin initiative, and the Libraries have long published a Research Guide on OER.

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