COAPI Activities: Working Groups

COAPI Working Groups are formed and run by representatives COAPI member organizations. Working group members join for a two-year term, which can be renewed.

Current Working Groups

Completed Working Groups

Copyright Working Group

The Copyright Working Group supports COAPI’s commitment to sharing information and resources to assist in the development and implementation of institutional open access (OA) policies by gathering questions, hosting conversations, and collecting and sharing resources for COAPI members to share with fellow members and the public. It is charged with identifying and addressing (with resources, templates, best practices, and community calls) common copyright-related questions and challenges that arise over the course of OA policy development and implementation in collaboration with the COAPI Steering Committee.

Current members

Perry Collins, University of Florida, Chair
Ellen Dubinsky, University of Arizona
Yuan Li, Princeton University
Emily Kilcer, ‎University at Albany, SUNY
Mona Ramonetti, Stony Brook University


Small Colleges and “Teaching-first” Universities Working Group

COAPI strives to inspire, promote, and implement open access policies at all institutions where such policies do not exist or are not effective. In effort to fully support institutions of all sizes and status, the Small Colleges and “Teaching-first” Universities Working Group was formed to identify and support current COAPI members at smaller institutions or institutions with a teaching-first focus, as opposed to a research-first focus. This working group is charged with identifying current members that fall into this category and assessing how COAPI can better support them.

Current members

Jere Odell, IUPUI
Victoria Peters, DePauw University
Erica Pye, Abilene Christian University
Andrew Weiss, California State University, Northridge, Chair


Community Call Working Group

The Community Call Working Group provides a welcoming, collaborative space for interested parties to come together as a community, discuss common challenges, celebrate accomplishments, and share best practices. The Community Call Working Group (CCWG) is charged with planning, promoting, and facilitating the calls in collaboration with the COAPI Steering Committee.

Current members

Shannon Kipphut-Smith, Rice University
Carolyn Mills, University of Connecticut
Robin N Sinn, Johns Hopkins University

Community Calls

Modeled on SPARC’s OpenCon librarian community calls, COAPI Community Calls seek to create a supportive environment where challenges can be candidly shared and everyone present is encouraged to participate in and shape the discussion.

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