Open Education Leadership Program 2020-2021

Stefanie Buck

Open Education Leadership Fellow


Stefanie Buck is the Director of Open Educational Resources at Oregon State University. She has been in this role for 1.5 years. Her unit, Open Educational Resources, assist faculty who want to move to low cost or no cost course learning materials. Currently, the unit’s Pressbooks server hosts over 50 OSU authored OER textbooks. In addition, the unit supports faculty authors with grants, graphic design services, and publication support. Prior to joining the OER unit, Stefanie served as the Ecampus (online learning) librarian at Oregon State University. She has an MLS and an MA from the University of Hawai’i, and a M.Ed. from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Her capstone project was to create a data dashboard for tracking low and no cost courses at her institution. At Oregon State University, courses that are low cost or no cost are marked in the course catalog. The number of low and no cost courses needs the tracked and reported every quarter. Using data from a variety of sources, she created a spreadsheet and then used Google Data Studio to create the data visualization. The dashboard can be scoped to academic year, term and by college. Her community resource is a guide on how she used Data Studio to develop this dashboard. She also included a sample set of data so that others can try and create a similar dashboard. Stefanie hopes that this will inspire others to tell their story using data visualization.

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