Open Education Leadership Program 2022-2023

Quetzalli Barrientos


Quetzalli Barrientos is the Open Education Research Librarian at Gutman Library-Harvard Graduate School of Education. While she is the point person for open education at Gutman Library, her other duties include being a library liaison, student outreach, and conducting research appointments with students, faculty, and alumni. Prior to this position, Quetzalli’s prior library experience has included elements of teaching First Year Writing, conducting outreach to students via social media and collaborating with student centers on campus. She is excited to use her past experiences and skills to promote OER.

Quetzalli has seven years of academic library experience. She graduated from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana in 2015 with a Masters in Library and Information Science. In 2013, she graduated from Illinois State University. She is excited to be part of the SPARC Open Education Leadership Program.

Quetzalli’s Capstone Project involves building a microsite that will allow other librarians/library workers to build an OER program from scratch. The microsite will also have the information we gathered from the outreach events, focus groups, and all the steps taken in the effort to build an open education program at Gutman Library.

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