Open Education Leadership Program 2019-2020

Maura Valentino

Open Education Leadership Fellow


Maura Valentino is the Scholarly Communications Librarian and Head of Digital Initiatives at Central Washington University.  She currently manages a grant to create a path through the General Education program with no textbook costs using OER. She is part of the NW Copyright First Responders Cohort One and has completed CopyrightX training at Harvard.  Her research interests range from Open Educational Resources to using improvisational comedy to improve student group work and interpersonal communication.

Maura’s capstone project is a LibGuide with information on how to re-mix an OER.  It covers why a professor would want to re-mix an OER, how to find an OER to begin, and where to find appropriate material to add.  Information on the technical side of re-mixing is also included.

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