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Open Education Leadership Program 2020-2021

James Paradiso

Open Education Leadership Fellow


James R. Paradiso is an instructional designer and the Program Coordinator of Affordable Instructional Materials (AIM) at the University of Central Florida. His main areas of research and professional specialization are open education and adaptive learning—with a particular focus on devising and implementing strategies to scale open educational practices and engineering data-driven learning solutions across multiple internal and external stakeholder communities.

For his capstone project, James plans to create an ‘Open Learning’ infrastructure at the UCF Center for Distributed Learning to serve as the central hub for information and services that support the use of open educational resources and practices. The content developed will reside on the University website, but will also be hosted in Pressbooks to facilitate reusing, retaining, revising, remixing, and redistributing of the resource(s). The main project goals are to empower faculty to 1) discover open resources for teaching and learning, 2) identify basic principles of open licensing and its application(s), 3) apply mechanisms for open resource adoption (e.g. reuse/remix), 4) utilize existing open resources in instructional settings, 5) create new open resources for academic use, and 6) conduct research on open academic practices.

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