Open Education Leadership Program 2022-2023

Amy Gay


Amy Gay started at Binghamton University in 2018 and as a Digital Scholarship Librarian, she began leading efforts to develop services in the Libraries. These efforts promoted digital project integration in research and pedagogy for the campus community while also providing support to sharing research and creative works on the institutional repository, the ORB. Amy then became a DHRI (Digital Humanities Research Institute) Community Leader, co-organizing digital humanities workshops at Binghamton University which follow the model developed by the CUNY Graduate Center. Currently, she continues to serve the Binghamton Libraries as Assistant Head of Digital Initiatives for Digital Scholarship. Amy leads a team supporting education, training, and resources related to digital scholarship and scholarly communication while working towards the goal to improve knowledge related to digital media, open source content, and copyright. Amy’s research interests and passions have become intertwined working towards more equitable pedagogy practices through open educational content and improving digital literacy for students and the general public. Outside of her career and research endeavors, Amy enjoys reading on her porch swing with her pets, attending local festivals (especially in the fall), and cooking while blasting Lindsey Stirling music.

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