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OER State Policy Playbook

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The OER State Policy Playbook provides policy recommendations for U.S. state legislators interested in tackling college affordability through Open Educational Resources (OER).

The rising cost of higher education is about more than tuition—expensive textbooks and course materials remain a looming barrier to college affordability and access. Open Educational Resources (OER) are a solution to high-cost materials and state legislators are starting to take notice. Nearly half of all states have considered OER legislation in past years, and it has increasingly become a go-to strategy for legislators seeking to make college education more affordable and effective. States can catalyze and support action at institutions by providing resources, incentives, and policy frameworks.

Download the OER State Policy Playbook and share it with interested policymakers. Also check out the companion OER State Legislative Guide from Creative Commons USA for more in-depth analysis of state legislation. To stay up to date on OER policy in your state visit SPARC’s OER State Policy Tracker.

For questions about the playbook and state-level policy, contact SPARC’s Director of Open Education Nicole Allen.

Credits: The 2018 OER State Policy Playbook was authored by Katie Steen. We are grateful for feedback from Cable Green (Creative Commons), Ethan Senack (Creative Commons USA), Scott Hochberg (OpenStax), and Reg Leighty (Foresight Law + Policy). Design by Annie Frisbie.

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