OA Journal Publishing Resource Index 3: Governance Issues

Open Access

3.1 Organization and Governance Structure

Solomon, pp. 53 – 54.

Sutton, 2.5.5,

3.2 Incorporation

“Setting Up a Nonprofit Tax-Exempt Corporation,” Goldstein (2004).


3.3 Trademark Protection

Sutton, Section 2.5.3,…

3.4 By-laws & Journal Policies

Solomon, pp. 92 – 95.


3.4.1 Bylaw Examples:

Digital Medievalist
Hastings Law Journal,
Hastings Science & Technology Journal
Journal of Industrial Technology, Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering
Society for the Study of the Holy Roman Empire
3.4.2 Sample Mission Statements:

Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh Libraries

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