Open Education Leadership Program 2018-2019

Michelle Brailey

Open Education Leadership Fellow



Michelle Brailey is a Digital Initiatives Projects Librarian at the University of Alberta. As the service manager for OER publishing through the University of Alberta Libraries’, Michelle supports institution-wide program development, awareness, and sustainability for open education.

As an open education advocate, Michelle is active with local open education committees, advocating for OER alongside her students union. She also contributes to the Alberta OER Community of Practice, the CARL OER Working Group, and co-chair of the provincial Open Education Alberta OER publishing program.

Leadership Program

As a fellow in the 2018-2019 cohort of the Open Education Leadership Program, the goal of Michelle’s work was to scope an OER publishing program to meet the needs of institutions across the province of Alberta, to be hosted by the University of Alberta Libraries. This project included partnership with Alberta post-secondary institutions, particularly their Libraries and/or Centres for Teaching and Learning, and recruited content creators across the province to pilot Pressbooks creation.

This project resulted in recommendations, and scoped service that demonstrates how existing University of Alberta Libraries Pressbooks infrastructure can be utilized to support local and provincial Pressbooks and OER publishing needs.

As of 2020, the project piloted as part of the leadership program, is now a live service for the province of Alberta, Canada. Open Education Alberta is a collaborative, no-fee publishing services for open textbooks and OER available to all post secondary institutions in Alberta.

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