Open Education Leadership Program 2018-2019

Martha Yancey

Open Education Leadership Fellow


Martha C. Yancey is currently the Director and Access, User Services, and Resource Sharing Librarian at West Virginia University Evansdale Library. She has worked for WVU Libraries since 1996, is Chair of the Open Educational Resources Committee for WVU Libraries, and was instrumental in the creation of the WVU Libraries Diversity Residency Program. She is a former President of the Western Pennsylvania & West Virginia Chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries and the West Virginia Library Association. In 2014, her research was published in the Journal of Information Literacy.

Leadership Portfolio

My involvement in the program began as a way to introduce myself to and provide understanding of open education, open pedagogy, and the open movement landscape.  This course has done that and more; as it introduced me to concepts pertaining to the open landscape and has made me think critically about several issues regarding open which I had not considered when I started the program. I created a research guide on copyrights and open licensing as an assignment for the course. The assignment introduced me to new concepts and broadened my thinking.

The capstone project was to create a grant program for aimed at faculty to adapt, adopt, and create open educational resources for their courses and students. The purpose of the grants is to encourage development of alternatives to high cost textbooks, lower cost of college for students and support faculty who wish to implement new pedagogical models for classroom instruction. Additionally, the project created a ½ day program that will introduce open models and publishing tools to assist faculty in the development of the resource materials.

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