Open Education Leadership Program 2022-2023

Joanna Hunt


Joanna Hunt is the Head of Access Services for the Central Washington University Libraries. New to the Library industry, Joanna has 15 years of procurement experience with the campus’ independent bookstore, specializing in course materials, trade books, and supplies. Joanna uses her expertise to increase Open Educational Resource engagement and awareness, and helps faculty and students navigate the complex world of commercial textbooks, for-profit auto-bill programs, and library resources.

Joanna’s capstone project is an awareness campaign highlighting the differences between OER and auto-bill course material procurement models such as Inclusive Access (Day One Access) and Equitable Access programs. Her capstone includes a branded Library Guide discussing the top six major differences of OER and Inclusive Access and linked graphics for email distribution for campus use. Also created is an open licensed slide deck and graphic with the same information, for easy use and distribution for others who are interested in helping faculty, administrators, and stakeholders understand the nuanced differences between digital materials, and digital material procurement programs. As auto-bill procurement models grow on campuses across the nation, there is little challenge to these programs that offer no measurable or statistical support for any students, let alone the students these programs proport to benefit. The resources created in this capstone project are great additions to any tool kit for those who wish to support OER creation and implementation on campus and to interrogate the academic efficacy and equality of auto-bill programs.

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