Open Education Leadership Program 2018-2019

Elaine Farrally-Plourde

Open Education Leadership Fellow



With a background in web design, database administration, information and instructional design, Elaine currently uses her organizational and project management skills to coordinate two OER programs (at both Queensborough Community College and Westchester Community College).

The work has been rewarding, she says “Being immersed in the OER community the last year has given me a renewed sense of enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment to not just community college students but to all students who stand to benefit from textbook savings without sacrificing quality.”

Leadership Portfolio

Elaine’s OER work this year includes earning a Certificate in Creative Commons licensing, creating document templates for OER project managers and practitioners including a workflow, and timeline.  She’s also testing multiple OER  platforms, using open pedagogy to help faculty design ‘renewable’ assignments, and shepherding many new open textbooks to completion (even designing a cover).

Elaine’s capstone project seeks to explore both the benefits and drawbacks of an ever increasing number of OER resource locations. While a certain amount of decentralization is given in the internet era, having too many sites to check presents new challenges and hinders searchability and adoption. The project will examine how other disciplines and industries (from library science to travel sites) attempt to use repositories to solve the problem of overwhelming search results and see if similar solutions can apply to OER.

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