Open Education Leadership Program 2018-2019

Christopher Hollister

Open Education Leadership Fellow



Chris Hollister is the University at Buffalo’s Interim Head of Scholarly Communication. In that role, he advances initiatives related to scholarly publishing, open access, and open education. A longtime advocate and activist for transforming the current system of scholarly communication into an open one, Chris is co-founder and co-editor of the open access journal, Communications in Information Literacy. His current research interests include scholarly publishing, open education efficacy, and social justice in professional practice. Chris is grateful to be included in this year’s cohort for SPARC’s Open Education Leadership Program.

Leadership Portfolio

The first semester of the Open Education Leadership Program reinforced many of my notions concerning open education: the challenges, the wins, the frustrations, the long game. By far, the most meaningful products of this experience have been the relationships forged with other program fellows.

My initial capstone project suffered a partial collapse as a result of a failed grant application. As we know, however, failure is an important part of the process, and I have adjusted the course of this idea accordingly. Originally, I wanted to develop an open educational resources (OER) professional development program for faculty. That still holds to a smaller degree, but the focus of the revised plan will be to generate data in support of OER-related research. Our campus partner—the Open Education Research Lab—has the necessary funding to move forward. My job (and my capstone project) at this point is to establish a manageable framework for getting the initiative underway. Stay tuned…

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