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The Illinois Open Access to Articles Act (SB 1900)

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Update: The Illinois Open Access to Articles Act (SB 1900, as amended) was signed into law by the governor of Illinois on August 9, 2013. The legislation was introduced into the Illinois State Senate in February of 2013 by State Senator Daniel Biss (D-Evanston).

What Does the Legislation Require?
As passed, the legislation requires institutions to establish an “Open Access to Research Task Force” to review the issue, and to make recommendations on how best each institution can further the goals of  the original legislation.

The original text of SB 1900 required that all Illinois State Universities and Colleges develop an “open access to research articles policy” within one year of the bill’s passage.

The original legislation also required that policies direct faculty employed by State institutions of higher education submit an electronic version of the author’s final manuscript of original research papers upon acceptance by a scholarly research journal to their employing institution. These manuscripts would then be made freely available to the public immediately upon publication, and an irrevocable, worldwide copyright license to use these manuscripts would be granted by the author to the public.

An online bibliography of all the research papers publically accessible under this policy would be produced, and each institution would ensure that the manuscripts were housed in a digital archive that provides both long-term public access and preservation.’’

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