If You Have Initiated A Campus Open Access Policy

Open Access

If your campus has already implemented an Open Access Policy, questions may still linger. Some faculty members or administrators may be unfamiliar with all aspects of Open Access, or how the policy might impact their work. You may also have questions about the ongoing implementation of the policy, or on how an existing policy might be fine-tuned over time.  SPARC has resources available to help.

Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI)

SPARC is pleased to also support of The Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI), which brings together representatives from North American universities with established faculty open access policies and those in the process of developing such policies. It was formed to share information and experiences, and to illuminate opportunities for moving faculty-led open access forward at member institutions and advocating for open access nationally and internationally.  COAPI offers a collection of best and evolving practices to act as a roadmap for inspiring, promoting and implementing open access polices at institutions without existing or effective open access policies.  Visit COAPI now.

Request Support

SPARC also is pleased to coordinate the work of a group of expert advisers who have experience with the process of gaining faculty acceptance for a campus open-access policy and who stand by to answer questions that remain after you have examined these tools.  The group includes:

Hal Abelson, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology

Michael W. Carroll, 
American University

Ray English, Oberlin College

Diane Graves, Trinity University

Lorraine Haricombe, University of Kansas

Stevan Harnad, University of Southampton

Stuart Shieber, Harvard University

Peter Suber, Earlham College and Harvard University

John Willinsky, Stanford University

Please contact SPARC, via Heather Joseph at heather [at] sparcopen [dot] org, to be put in touch with the advisory group.


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