OA Journal Publishing Resource Index 8: Resource List

Open Access

Open Access Publishing Guides—

Crow, Raym and Howard Goldstein. Guide to Business Planning for Converting a Subscription-based Journal to Open Access. Third edition. Open Society Institute, 2004.

____________. Guide to Business Planning for Launching a New Open Access Journal. Second edition. Open Society Institute, 2003. (2003a)

____________. Model Business Plan: A Supplemental Guide for Open Access Journal Developers & Publishers. Open Society Institute, 2003. (2003b)

The planning resources above provide detailed guidance on business planning for both new Open Access journals, as well as for existing subscription-based journals seeking to convert to Open Access distribution. The information on income models capable of supporting Open Access distribution has been updated in Crow (2009). For guidance on editorial issues, see Solomon (2008) and Co-Action Publishing and Lund University Library Head Office (2010). Public Library of Science. Publishing Open-Access Journals: A brief overview from the Public Library of Science. PLoS, 2004.

A brief overview of Open Access journal publishing issues, primarily from the perspective of an OA biology journal. The PLoS guide includes useful, although now dated, production cost information. Shapiro, Lorna. Establishing and Publishing an Online Peer-reviewed Journal: Action Plan, Resourcing, and Costs. Public Knowledge Project, 2005. Focuses on the use of Open Journal Systems (OJS) for launching a new online journal. Provides useful detail on the time required for various participants in the process (managing editor, copy editors, editorial board, etc.) and the costs associated with launching a journal, including course release time. Solomon, David. Developing Open Access Journals: A Practical Guide. Chandos Publishing, 2008. A comprehensive guide to developing Open Access journals, written from the perspective of someone who has launched and operated such a journal. An abridged Open Access edition is available at:

Stranack, Kevin. Starting a New Scholarly Journal in Africa. Public Knowledge Project, 2008. A useful overview of the issues relevant to starting a journal or a journals program, especially in terms of identifying the type of journal to publish. Includes a description of editorial management process from the perspective of the OJS software. Co-Action Publishing and Lund University Library Head Office. The Online Guide to Open Access Journals Publishing. 2010.

The best single guide to all aspects of designing, launching, and operating an Open Access journal. A well-structured overview with links to more detailed information. Velterop, Jan. Guide to Open Access Publishing and Scholarly Societies. Open Society Institute, 2005.…

A useful presentation of the benefits of Open Access publishing tailored to the needs of scholarly and scientific societies. The guide covers practical issues relating to the transition from a subscription model to an article processing fee model.

Other Resources—

Bittman, Marilyn, Lindsay Lynch, and Naomi Pauls. Best Practices Guide to Scholarly Journal Publishing. Canadian Association of Learned Journals/Association Canadienne des Revues Savantes, 2007. Buckholtz, Alison. “Getting Your Journal Indexed: A SPARC Guide,” Crow, Raym. Income Models for Open Access: An Overview of Current Practice. SPARC, 2009. ____________.

Sponsorships for Nonprofit Scholarly & Scientific Journals: A Guide to Defining & Negotiating Successful Sponsorships. SPARC, July 2005.


Transitioning a Society Journal Online. Rice University Press, 2010. Cyzyk, Mark and Sayeed Choudhury. A Survey and Evaluation of Open-Source Electronic Publishing Systems. Johns Hopkins University and the Open Society Institute, April 2008.

Goldstein, Howard. “Setting Up a Nonprofit Tax-Exempt Corporation.” SPARC, 2004. Page, Gillian, Robert Campbell, and Jack Meadows. Journal Publishing. Cambridge University Press, 1997. Stranack, Kevin. Getting Found, Staying Found, Increasing Impact: Enhancing Readership and Preserving Content for OJS Journals. Public Knowledge Project, 2006.

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