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Executive Directive on Public Access

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About the Directive

On February 22, 2013, the White House issued an Executive Directive on Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research that requires U.S. Government agencies with annual extramural research and development expenditures over $100 million make the results of taxpayer-funded research—both articles and data—be made freely available to the general public with the goal of accelerating scientific discovery and fueling innovation.

Federal Agencies covered by the directive had until August 22, 2013 to develop a plan for implementation. Despite this deadline, many agencies are still in the processing of releasing draft plans and will begin implementation in the coming months.

This directive means enhanced access to federally funded research articles for researchers and students at your institution, as well as expanded utility of those articles. The availability of federally funded research in open online archives also will expand the worldwide visibility of the research conducted at your institution, increase the impact of your investment in this research, and aid in examining related work at other institutions that compete for government grants and contracts. It will also enable researchers on your campus to begin to use these digital articles in new and innovative ways, including applying new computational analysis, text mining and data mining tools and techniques that have the potential to revolutionize scientific research.

Agency Plans for Implementation

The agencies covered under this directive are listed below. As agencies’ plans are released, they will be posted here along with an analysis conducted by SPARC.

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