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OpenCon 2018 to be Held in Toronto, Canada on November 2-4; Applications Open June 12

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SPARC and the Right to Research Coalition, in partnership with York University, Ryerson University, and the University of Toronto, are excited to announce that OpenCon 2018—the flagship global meeting of the OpenCon community—will take place on November 2-4 in Toronto, Canada.

Setting the default to open for research and education is fundamentally about people and the decisions they make. The culture of research and education emerges from the countless individual decisions made by millions of researchers and educators each day—at different types of institutions, within different disciplines, and in every country. OpenCon is a platform for catalyzing change in this culture, at scale and in context. OpenCon’s programs work to develop, activate, and connect a global community of next generation leaders who are driving the culture shift toward open locally, nationally, and internationally. OpenCon creates this community through its flagship global meeting, satellite events hosted around the world, and regular community calls.

OpenCon’s flagship global meeting helps drive this culture change by bringing together the most energetic, engaged students and early career academic professionals. Participants learn about Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data, develop critical skills, find collaborators, and catalyze action toward a more open system for sharing the world’s information—from scholarly and scientific research, to educational materials, to digital research data. OpenCon 2018’s three-day program will begin with two days of panels and interactive workshops that place an emphasis on highlighting diverse, early career voices from every continent. The third day will feature an all-day “do-a-thon,” where participants have the opportunity to craft new campaigns, lay the foundations for new resources, and form collaborations that will continue long after the November conference is over.

OpenCon strives to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are both foundational to the community’s efforts to open up research and education and priorities for continual improvement. OpenCon seeks to be as globally inclusive as possible and to advocate for a future that is not only open but also equitable and co-designed with diverse stakeholders—especially those from marginalized groups. In 2017, OpenCon released a report on diversity, equity, and inclusion that contains lessons learned, suggestions for conference organizers, and a self-analysis with relevant data. That report can be found at

Attendance at the meeting is by application only, and the majority of past participants have received full or partial travel scholarships. Each year, most participants are first-time attendees and are selected from a pool of thousands of qualified candidates through a community-run review process based on the likelihood that their participation will translate into impact.

Applications to attend OpenCon 2018 in Toronto will open on June 12th. For more information about the conference and to sign up for updates—including a reminder when applications open—visit

Organized by the Right to Research Coalition and SPARC, OpenCon 2018 builds on the success of the first four OpenCon conferences, which collectively convened approximately 750 participants from more than 80 countries. In addition, OpenCon’s unique structure has supported more than 100 satellite events, enabling over 7,000 attendees across 38 countries to participate in an in-person OpenCon event. Throughout the year, many of these individuals remain engaged through monthly community calls and their own projects, campaigns, events, and initiatives.

Members of the OpenCon community launch campaigns, create new national-level organizations, and some even switch careers to work in open professionally—in libraries, at foundations, with publishers, and in governments. They’ve built new platforms, influenced international discussions, and, most importantly, made an impact locally. You can learn more about OpenCon’s impact in our community report released last year, available at

The OpenCon conference and community are only possible with the support of leading organizations with a strong commitment to support student and early career academic professional involvement across Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data. Sponsorship contributions comprise a majority of the funds used to organize the meeting each year and provide travel scholarships. If your organization is interested in supporting OpenCon, you can find more information and a variety of sponsorship opportunities at

Applications to attend OpenCon 2018 open June 12th. For more information about the conference and to sign up for updates, visit You can follow OpenCon on Twitter at @Open_Con or #opencon.


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