Thursday, April 12, 2018 News

BOAI 15 Survey Report Released

Open Access

As part of the recognition of the 15th anniversary of the Budapest Open Access Initiative, a global community survey was conducted to take stock of progress toward Open Access and to gauge the main obstacles to the widespread adoption of Open Access. The survey was disseminated online through networks of those working to advance Open Access and received 300 responses from a wide range of countries and contexts. Two key focal areas stood out among the responses: the need to align incentives for scholars to share their work openly and the need to lower costs related to Open Access publishing. The results of the survey are indicative of the transition from establishing Open Access as a concept—which the BOAI did for the first time in 2002—to making open the default for research and scholarship.

The report can be found at

Those interested in the report should also review a comprehensive reflection written by Jean-Claude Guédon, one of the original drafters of the BOAI and noted thought leader in the open access community, providing his perspective on where the open access movement has been and where it may be headed.

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