Tuesday, May 30, 2017 News

SPARC to launch new webcast series on June 15 with “Scrappy Strategies: Advancing Open on Campus with Limited Resources”

Open Access   ·   Open Data   ·   Open Education
On June 15th at 2pm EDT / 11am PDT, SPARC will host the first in a series of webcasts supporting professional development for librarians working to advance openness in research and education on their campuses. The June webcast, “Scrappy Strategies: Advancing Open on Campus with Limited Resources,” will focus on identifying actions with the highest return on investment for advancing Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data / Data Management on campus. Presentations by Anita Walz (Virginia Tech), Brianna Marshall (University of California, Riverside), and Micah Vandegrift (Florida State) will equip participants with strategies and suggestions for maximizing the impact of the time they devote to advancing open issues—even if time and supporting resources are limited.
These presentations will be followed first by short, invited reactions from librarians who are interested in implementing the presenters’ suggestions, and then by an open Q&A session. To round out the discussion, SPARC will host a subsequent Twitter chat, at a date to be announced during the webcast, for participants to discuss how they’ve fared in putting the presenters’ suggestions into action.
Registration for this professional development webcast series is open to all librarians. You can register for the June 15th webcast here and sign up for updates on future professional development webcasts in this series here. A recording of the webcast will be sent to those registered.

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