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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Cape Town Declaration

Open Education

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Cape Town Open Education Declaration, a group of open education activists met in Cape Town in March 2017 to reflect on progress made by the community over the last ten years, celebrate our accomplishments, understand the challenges, and inspire new directions. After several months of continued conversation and collaborative development, the group agreed upon a set of ten key areas where the open education movement can grow in the next decade. 

Cape Town Open Education Declaration 10th Anniversary: Ten Directions to Move Open Education Forward was launched today during a satellite event at the 2nd World OER Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia. A writeup of the ten directions has been published on the Cape Town Declaration website and in a booklet distributed at the Congress.

The ten directions are:

  • Communicating Open
  • Empowering the Next Generation
  • Connecting with Other Open Movements
  • Open Education for Development
  • Open Pedagogy
  • Thinking Outside the Institution
  • Data and Analytics
  • Beyond the Textbook
  • Copyright Reform for Education
  • Opening up Publicly Funded Resources

The 2017 meeting in Cape Town and the collaborative development of the writeup were supported by the William and Flora Hewlett, Mozilla, Open Society, and Shuttleworth Foundations. The collaborative development process was coordinated by Centrum Cyfrowe, SPARC, the MIT Media Lab, the Open Education Consortium, and Creative Commons, working with a broad group of contributors who are leading open education in their communities.

Follow the conversation at #CPT10.

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