Friday, October 28, 2016 News

SPARC Launches Integrated Resource to Understand, Compare Federal Article & Data-Sharing Policies

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SPARC is pleased to release a new, integrated resource for tracking, comparing, and understanding U.S. federal agencies’ article and data sharing policies. This free tool combines a new analysis of federal public access plans for sharing peer-reviewed research articles with the federal data sharing policy resource that SPARC launched earlier this year in partnership with Johns Hopkins University Libraries. The resource is available at

On Wednesday, November 2nd, at 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT, SPARC will host a webcast to demonstrate this new resource and explore how libraries are taking the lead in supporting compliance with federal public access policies, featuring representatives from Florida State University and Emory University. The webcast is open to all SPARC members, and registration is free but required. SPARC members can click here to register for this webcast.

This integrated policy resource can be used by researchers, librarians, policy makers, and other stakeholders to explore and compare agency plans for sharing articles and data. The new article-sharing analysis provides a tool for tracking practical information that can be used by active or prospective grant awardees to understand when, how, and where they need to make their manuscripts accessible, including links to each agency’s submission portal. As with the data-sharing resource, it will be updated as additional federal agency plans are released and analyzed and as current plans are revised.

This resource is openly available at under a CC0 waiver. Additionally, the entire dataset of the policy analyses can be downloaded without restriction from the site under the same terms.

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