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ACRL/SPARC Negotiation 201 Series – Determining BATNA: Analyzing the Value of Packages & A La Carte Purchasing

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We’re excited to continue our collaboration with ACRL on this Negotiation 201 Series that will provide one-hour deeper dives into specific aspects of negotiating strategy and how they can be put to use. Each of these webcasts is free and open to library workers at any institution, but registration is required for each.


Thursday, July 29th, 2021

BATNA refers to your best alternative to negotiated agreement. It allows you to understand both your walk away point within a deal as well as your alternatives. This workshop will provide strategies and resources for analyzing your journal packages to determine BATNA, discussing how to analyze small packages in Excel using different analysis techniques to determine value. We will also discuss using tools such as Unsub to analyze large big deals.

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