Wednesday, February 24, 2021 News

SPARC’s Federal Data Sharing Policy Resource Update Released

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In close partnership with the Research Data Access and Preservation Association, SPARC has launched an update to our Federal Data Sharing Policy Resource. This update distills the latest changes in US federal agencies’ data sharing policy requirements to make them more easily and quickly understandable. 

This integrated policy resource can be used by researchers, librarians, policy makers, and other stakeholders to explore and compare agency plans for sharing articles and data. This analysis provides a tool for tracking practical information that can be used by active or prospective grant awardees to understand when, how, and where they need to make their research results accessible.

SPARC extends our sincere thanks to Jonathan Petters (Virginia Tech), Rachel Woodbrook (University of Michigan), Patricia Condon (University of New Hampshire), Reid Boehm (University of Houston), and Hannah Calkins (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) who led the production of this update within RDAP.

The SPARC Federal Data Sharing Policy Resource is available at

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