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SPARC Reinvestment Working Group Community Call

1-2pm ET  ·  

The SPARC Reinvestment Working Group invites you to participate in our next Community Call.


Thursday, March 24th, 2022


1-2pm ET

The question that will start this discussion is How do we prioritize ‘open’ within the library?  Supporting open publishing, open collections, and open infrastructure will require a degree of change and reorientation within libraries. How do we start those conversations? What information, stories, examples, guidelines, and data would be – or has been – useful? Join us for an interactive discussion around making ‘open’ a priority within the library.

If you have a set of principles, guidelines, or criteria you use to assist in your decisions around open, please share it with the SPARC Reinvestment Working Group. You can tell us if you wish to keep the information within our community or (eventually) share it more broadly. You can provide a link or upload documents. Use this form to submit your information -

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