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Save the Data: The Role of Librarians in #datarescue Collaborations

3:00pm  ·  ALA Annual Meeting - Chicago, IL Open Access   ·   Open Data


McCormick Place - West Building, Room S102


Saturday, June 24th, 2017



In the current political climate, the endangerment of federally funded research results, including data, has become a reality. In response to such potential data loss, librarians, archivists, and researchers have joined forces in grassroots efforts like “DataRefuge” events and “Endangered Data Week,” raising awareness and enabling data to be saved that otherwise might disappear. This session will feature speakers presently or recently involved in #datarescue work, reporting out on the movement; identifying challenges and lessons learned; offering guidance and tips for potential local #datarescue efforts; and recommending what further roles organizations like ACRL and SPARC can play in this space.

Panel includes:

  • Laurie Allen, Assistant Director for Digital Scholarship, University of Pennsylvania Libraries
  • Stephanie Wright, Program Lead, Mozilla Science Lab
  • Claire Stewart, Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning, University of Minnesota Libraries.

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