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Open Education Week 2015

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Monday, March 9th, 2015

Open Education Week
March 9-13, 2015

Open Education Week is a celebration of the global Open Education movement. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the movement and its impact on teaching and learning worldwide. SPARC encourages campuses to participate in this annual international event by organizing events, sharing resources, and taking action to help celebrate the benefits of free and open sharing in education.

Check out SPARC's webcast: Open Education Week on Campus.

Here are some ideas for Open Education Week events:

  • Organize a panel discussion with stakeholders affected by open education. This may include a student, a professor, a librarian, and a member of the administration.
  • Invite a speaker to campus to present on open education. Consider partnering with the student government. Can't find a speaker? Contact us for ideas.
  • Write an article for a campus newsletter or newspaper.
  • Set up an open textbook display case in your library.
  • Conduct a video interview with a faculty member on campus who is using OER, and post it online.
  • Print out flyers and hand them out on campus. Check out the SPARC Open Education Fact Sheet for ideas.
  • Have other ideas? Need inspiration? Join the SPARC Libraries & OER Forum to connect with other librarians interested in OER.

The official Open Education Week hashtag is #openeducationwk. Also use #liboer to highlight the important role libraries play in advancing open education.

For more information visit the offical Open Education Week site (, organized by the Open Education Consortium.


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