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March 2022 OpenCon Librarian Community Call

12-1pm ET  ·  

This call brings together all librarians working with, or learning about, all things Open--and gives folks an opportunity to connect with each other to better their work and librarianship.


Tuesday, March 8th, 2022


12-1pm ET

Join the authors of “Transformative agreements: Six myths, busted” in a discussion of transformative agreements (TAs). Read & Publish or Publish & Read agreements (terms that some use synonymously with TA), subscription contracts are reworked to include a reading fee, covering access to subscription content, and a publishing fee, a mechanism to make some or all outputs OA if the corresponding author is affiliated with the subscribing institution. Some publishers and libraries market TAs as the best option for the transition to a fully open access ecosystem. But are they? The complexity of TAs obfuscates their true cost and this model’s long-term implications remain undetermined. The speakers will share their view and invite input from call attendees.

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