Steering Committee

Gwen Bird

Dean of Libraries, Simon Fraser University (Voting)

Gwen Bird has been Dean of Libraries at Simon Fraser University since 2014. In this role she has been involved in oversight and planning for the Public Knowledge Project, has led implementation of a university-wide Open Access Policy, and initiated an OER grants program that has saved students more than $1.2million to date.

Gwen is currently a board member and chair of the executive committee at the Canadian Research Knowledge Network, a member of the advisory committee for the Public Knowledge Project, and co-chair of the advisory committee for Coalition Publica.

She is a member of ARL’s Scholars and Scholarship Committee, and past chair of the Canadian Scholarly Communication Working Group.  She holds a BA from Cornell University and an MLS from the University of BC.  Her professional and research interests include scholarly communications, shared print archiving, and library collaboration.

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